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Dark Matter

Featuring the EVGA X299 Dark, Nvidia 2080 Ti, and an Intel 9900X this high-end rig was built to be a powerful gaming and editing machine. The beautiful copper piped custom water-cooling loop allows this machine to be aggressively overclocked which helps muster out every ounce of performance.


Utilizing a large EKWB radiator and Noctua Chromax fans this ultimate gaming machine was designed to stay cool and quiet while playing the latest video games in UHD. Inspired by open frame motorcycles this Inwin D-Frame Mini chassis makes for the perfect show piece on your desk.

Code Red

Under the glass of this Cooler Master NR200P an excellent mid-range gaming PC capable of high FPS 1080p gaming lies in wait. Complemented by the four Lian Li SL 120 fans this monster looks as good as it performs. From Fortnite to Call of Duty this Intel 11400 and MSI 6600 XT will ensure a smooth and crisp gameplay experience.

Meshify C

This clean and black monochromatic build utilizes a large Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler and five case fans to keep the Intel 9900K cool while compiling code or playing the latest competitive FPS at high frame rates. When air-cooling is done right it can perform just as good as water-cooling, but without the need for regular maintenance.

Pink Lady

This mid-tier gaming computer is a sultry combination of spare parts and new components. Focused on 1440p gaming the AMD 5800X and 2080 Ti boast a mild overclock to eek out extra performance while still maintaining lower temps and near whisper quiet operation

Define Mini

A simple and affordable home office build fit the bill perfectly. Utilizing AMD’s Ryzen 3200G APU with Vega 8 graphics it serves as an excellent machine for word processing, building spreadsheets, surfing the web, and other everyday tasks.

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